National Teams With Longest Winning Streaks

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England National Football Team

Here are the national teams with longest winning streaks

Italy became the champions of Europe after winning the 2020 UEFA Euro this year, defeating England on penalties. However, their 37 games unbeaten run came to an end in the tournament only.

This article will tell you about the national teams with longest winning streaks. Can you guess against which team did Gianluigi Donnarumma conceded more than one goal in a match for the first time since 2020?

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Longest Streaks Without Losing

  1. England – 20 games
  2. Argentina – 19 games
  3. France – 17 games
  4. Algeria – 14 games
  5. Morocco – 13 games
  6. Senegal – 12 games
  7. Iran – 12 games
  8. Ivory coast – 11 games
  9. Switzerland – 10 games
  10. Croatia – 10 games

England are unbeaten in their last 20 games. On the other side, Argentina hasn’t lost a single game since July 3rd, 2019 and Angel Di Maria is one of the reasons behind their this achievement.

Italy’s incredible 37 win streak finally came to an end after they lost to Spain 2-0 in the semi-final of Nations League this year.

Answer to the question above – Spain

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