Neymar speaks out on his job after retirement

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Neymar reveals plan to retire and become a professional Poker player

PSG defeated Bayern Munich in UEFA Champions League quarter final. It was Neymar who assisted two times in the first leg to win the game.

The Brazilian is one of the best player we have ever witnessed. Recently, he spoke on his retirement plans and what he would like to do after quitting football.

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Neymar revealed about his future pans

29-year-old Neymar is now a cultural ambassador for the gambling company and has revealed that he’s also thinking about going into poker permanently. He loves the game so much that he has named his pet dog ‘Poker’.

“It’s true I plan to turn pro. I feel very comfortable playing poker, and think I can play in major tournaments after my football career is over,” Neymar said.

“I began playing during the 2014 World Cup, and I have fallen in love with the game. I play poker in an aggressive fashion. My favourite hands are a pair of tens – after my shirt number – and Jack-Five.

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“There are similarities between football and poker, in the ways how you read your game and your opponent, and choose when to attack. I used to play it a lot while with Barcelona, and we play often at PSG.

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“I make myself hard for my opponents to read, although I play too many hands. The first time I got a pet dog I named him ‘Poker’ as I love the game so much.

“Every time I sit down to play I aim to win – whether it is with friends, online or in a tournament.”

Neymar isn’t retiring yet. He is just 29 and has a lot to prove that he can be one of the greatest player ever lived.

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His injuries over the last 3 years is the biggest obstacle in his career. But the fact that, ‘Form is temporary, Class is permanent’ does suit him perfectly.