Philippe Coutinho vs Neymar – All Stats You Need To Know

Philippe Coutinho vs Neymar
Philippe Coutinho vs Neymar

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Philippe Coutinho and Neymar are arguably the two of the best players in football history and one must not take these comparisons so seriously.

This article will tell you about a stat comparison between Philippe Coutinho and Neymar. Can you guess who won was the top scorer in 2002 FIFA World Cup? (Hint: He is a German international)

Detailed Stats (Coutinho/Neymar)

Overall Club Stat

  • Appearances – 423/449
  • Goals – 100/265
  • Assists – 75/166
  • Minutes per goal – 276/138

UEFA Champions League

  • Appearances – 47/73
  • Goals – 12/41
  • Assists – 9/31
  • Minutes per goal – 212/153

National Team

  • Appearances – 64/116
  • Goals – 18/70
  • Assists – 11/52
  • Minutes Played – 4443/9611

Neymar has dominated Coutinho in club competition on the basis of both goals and assists. Both were teammates when they played for Barcelona but got separated after Neymar’s departure for Paris.

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Coutinho’s form has declined after staying away from the ground due to serious injuries. He is not the same anymore but he still have his chance to prove others wrong. He is back at Camp Nou and will always be an option for Xavi.

Answer to the question above – Ronaldo Nazario (8 goals)