Ralph Hasenhuttl got emotional after victory over Liverpool

By Raghu
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Ralph Hasenhuttl got emotional after victory over Liverpool

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl shed tears after getting victory over Liverpool

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On Tuesday, Southampton defeated Liverpool by 1-0. Danny Ings scored the winning goal in jus first 2 minutes of the game.

After the match, Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl got emotional and shed tears following victory over the best Premier League team.

“I cannot say how proud I am of my team,” the Austrian said. “I think the mentality we showed today, was the perfect one. The young lads came in and did a good job. We defended unbelievably well.

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“I don’t know if we had more mentality than the other team but we wanted it more. This is why we throw everything in. This was, for me, absolutely amazing, yes.

“We must have the perfect day and it was the perfect day. Now I can retire,” Ralph added.

“The three points are amazing, but not only the points, it feels like more. Because against this team to win is so hard. We still tried to be brave, we still tried to play football, we still tried to let them run. It was tough.

“An unbelievably intense game. The guys are finished, they are really tired now, but this is what you have to be after such a game.

“This is the way we have to go, we have no alternative. I like to go this way because they deserve a chance, they’ve been fighting hard. They’re coming in and fighting hard, I’m proud. This helps them for the future, definitely.

“The work we’ve done in the summer, with the playbook, you see it now. We’ve benefited from our development and this is why we’ve used so much energy to create this stuff. You can be proud of the guys and hopefully there is more coming.”

After victory over Liverpool, Southampton ranked up to 6th spot on the points table, while Liverpool is still on top having same points as Manchester United, which is on 2nd position.

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