Lukaku breaks Ronaldo’s record

Lukaku breaks Ronaldo's record
Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku broke Ronaldo Nazario’s record of 50 goals scored for Inter Milan

Romelu Lukaku has been unbelievable at Inter Milan. He had scored more than 40 goals for Inter in 2020. Recently, Lukaku broke Ronaldo Nazario’s record of scoring fastest 50 goals in Inter’s history.

For Inter, Ronaldo had scored 50 goals in 78 appearances at the age of 23 while Lukaku, 27, has scored 50 goals by playing 8 fewer games than Ronaldo, that is, he achieved this milestone in just 70 games.

Before Lukaku’s signing in 2019, Inter Milan was suffering a victory crisis and since when they signed Lukaku from Manchester United he has been very effective for them.

The 2019-20 season for Inter remained a profitable season for them. They signed another Man United player Alexis Sanchez and Tottenham’s former mid-fielder Christen Eriksen.

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