Ramos’ love for Bullfighting is great

Ramos' love for Bullfighting is great
Ramos' love for Bullfighting is great

Sergio Ramos is a good bull fighter as many of you weren’t aware about this fact

Sergio Ramos is one of the greatest defender in the world and is currently in the top 3 of the best defenders in the world right now.

Ramos grew up in the bullfighting city of Seville. So he became interested in becoming a bullfighter before becoming a professional footballer. He could even watch bullfighting all day.

Ramos’ parents were strict and his father, Jose Maria Ramos, is a great fan of bullfighting but he dissuaded him from becoming a bullfighter because bullfighting is a dangerous sport and he cared about his son.

Apart from bullfighting, he is a great guitarist. When asked about his romanticism, he said, “I consider myself to be the most romantic of my family. I’ve always found it difficult to express it to the outside world; I use the guitar to do that”. He have a tattoo of Mary on his whole left arm.

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He is a Catholic too. He has a tattoo of Mary on the top half of his left arm. Further, he has many tattoos covered throughout his body which represents about his life.

He is selected as a nominee in FIFA World XI with 55 other players. He has never won a Ballon d’Or but holds a capability to do so.

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