Sergio Aguero Doesn’t Look Happy At Camp Nou

Sergio Aguero Doesn't Look Happy At Camp Nou
Sergio Aguero Doesn't Look Happy At Camp Nou

Sergio Aguero doesn’t look happy at Barcelona

Sergio Aguero left Manchester City last season to join Barcelona on a free transfer. He went to the Spanish club because of his best-friend Lionel Messi but things turned worse.

Aguero was ruled out for 10 weeks due to a calf injury. which delayed his Barca debut. He is still waiting for Ronald Koeman to give him a chance in the first place.

The 33-year old striker has revealed about the things he doesn’t like at Barcelona. He doesn’t appear to be happy at the Camp Nou.

During a Twitch stream with Ibai Llanos, Aguero said that it was hard to drive around the streets of Barcelona. He didn’t like the traffic conditions there.

Aguero said: “I go by the main road, and the GPS tells me to turn right, but when I arrive and I have to turn right, I have to pull to the right, right?

“Well […] they honk the horn. But I’m going to turn right!”

Moreover, he was not so obsessed with the taxi drivers.

He added: “A taxi driver scolded me and I told him: ‘But brother, if I’m going to turn right, I have to turn to the right side.’ And he tells me: ‘No, your lane is here.’

“And I say, ‘But if I have to turn, when I turn, if you come, you will hit me.’

“I swear to you, either I am bad or the streets here are bad. For me they are wrong.”

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