Sergio Aguero Doesn’t Look Happy At Camp Nou

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Sergio Aguero Doesn't Look Happy At Camp Nou

Sergio Aguero doesn’t look happy at Barcelona

Sergio Aguero left Manchester City last season to join Barcelona on a free transfer. He went to the Spanish club because of his best-friend Lionel Messi but things turned worse.

Aguero was ruled out for 10 weeks due to a calf injury. which delayed his Barca debut. He is still waiting for Ronald Koeman to give him a chance in the first place.

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The 33-year old striker has revealed about the things he doesn’t like at Barcelona. He doesn’t appear to be happy at the Camp Nou.

During a Twitch stream with Ibai Llanos, Aguero said that it was hard to drive around the streets of Barcelona. He didn’t like the traffic conditions there.

Aguero said: “I go by the main road, and the GPS tells me to turn right, but when I arrive and I have to turn right, I have to pull to the right, right?

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“Well […] they honk the horn. But I’m going to turn right!”

Moreover, he was not so obsessed with the taxi drivers.

He added: “A taxi driver scolded me and I told him: ‘But brother, if I’m going to turn right, I have to turn to the right side.’ And he tells me: ‘No, your lane is here.’

“And I say, ‘But if I have to turn, when I turn, if you come, you will hit me.’

“I swear to you, either I am bad or the streets here are bad. For me they are wrong.”

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