Sir Alex Ferguson praises Steven Gerrard’s management skills

Sir Alex Ferguson praises Steven Gerrard's management skills
Sir Alex Ferguson praises Steven Gerrard's management skills
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Sir Alex Ferguson pinpoints how Steven Gerrard became a great manager at Rangers

Arguably the greatest manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Steven Gerrard’s management skills at Rangers.

Gerrard helped Rangers to win their first Scottish Premiership title in a decade this season, as his side dominated the league.

Rangers is the club with most titles won in 21st century. Yes you heard it right. It doesn’t matter in which league you are playing, Rangers have done their best at their level.

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“Oh, he’s done magnificent. He really has, both on and off the field,” said Ferguson.

“A press interview can lose you your job in management. But Steven’s press conferences are fantastic.

“He’s cool, he’s composed, he gives the right answers. He’s really top because it’s an art.”

That’s Sir Alex’s for you! His answers always surprise us, as he mastered media mind games from the start.

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Celtics were far ahead of Rangers before the arrival of the Liverpool legend in 2018. So overtaking Celtics was the only way to succeed and Steven really converted Rangers into a pure masterclass. Gerrard’s management skills are as great as his playing style.

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