The Insane Level Of Football Bayern Munich Possess

Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich isn’t just an ordinary team you would ever want to play against

Bayern Munich have shown again who is the boss of Bundesliga. They have an unbelievable goalscoring record in the league this season.

Robert Lewandowski, Leory Sane, and Sergne Gnabry are the three main pillars of Bayern’s attack. When they three play against any team, you will definitely see more than two goals in that game.

Bayern’s goalscoring record is on another level. They have scored 52 goals in just 12 of the league games this season. Moreover, they have only conceded 8 goals thanks to Manuel Neuer’s legendary goalkeeping skills.

Their coach Julian Nagelsmann is only 34-year-old, that means he is even younger than many of his squad players. You don’t usually see a coach being younger than his team players. Do you?

Regardless of his age, his coaching skills are awesome and there is no doubt he has done a great work for the German club till now. He has won two cups in his managerial career, Under-19 Bundesliga champion and German Super Cup.

Do you think Bayern can play without a coach?