The two greatest football clubs suffering through huge problems

The two greatest football clubs suffering through huge problems
Barca vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona are suffering a lot through their bad experiences

History’s two greatest clubs, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are fighting with many obstacles.

Both the clubs have suffered a lot in last 4 years. But what makes them suffer this huge that they aren’t able to win matches frequently.

These might be the reasons of their bad experiences:

  • Both the clubs are not playing well and have same points (currently both are on 40 points) in La Liga this season.
  • Both the clubs sold their at least one best player in last 4 years.
  • Both the clubs are suffering from a financial condition.
  • Both the clubs made tactical changes in their gameplays.
  • Both the clubs aren’t able to buy best players from around the globe.

The biggest mistake Real Madrid did in last 4 years was selling their best player Cristiano Ronaldo who helped them to win three UCLs in a row.

And the biggest mistake Barcelona did was selling Neymar and Luis Suarez to PSG and Atletico Madrid respectively.

Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos are on a verge of being sold by their respective clubs. Rumors spread that Messi and Ramos both are going to join PSG this summer.

Both the clubs have lost their prime form and they need to create more chances of buying young talents. Although Madrid has created a huge chance of buying Kylian Mbappe but they are still facing financial problems which is an obstacle between the two clubs (Madrid and PSG).