Three Of Lionel Messi’s Closest Friends – Facts You Need To Know

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Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez

Here is some information on three of Lionel Messi’s closest friends

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Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest player in football history. But only a few people know about his friendship with three of his closest friends – Sergio Aguero, Neymar, and Luis Suarez.

This article will tell you about the best friend of Lionel Messi and some of the facts of their friendship. Can you guess who won the 2017 Golden Boot? (Hint – He is an Argentinian legend)

Leo Messi’s Best Friends

Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is one of the closest friends of Lionel Messi. They are probably one of the best friendship duo in sports history. Aguero defined the incident when they both met for the first time.

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He said: “We were at a training camp with the national team. I was with the under-16s and he was with the under-17s preparing for the South American under-20s championship.

“We were all staying together, my age group and his age group. I remember there was a kid there that I’d seen on TV who was at Barcelona.

Leo Messi and Sergio Aguero
Leo Messi and Sergio Aguero

“We were all sat around the table Garay, Leo, Formica and myself. Leo was opposite me and Garay asks him about some trainers.

“Leo says ‘I got them from the United States’. So then I start thinking to myself – United States? He was right in front of me, does he play in the US?

“Then I said quietly to him ‘what’s your name again’, and he says ‘Leo’. And I said ‘No. What’s your name?’

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“And he said ‘Lionel’ and laughed. ‘And your surname?’, ‘Messi.’ The other two looked at me and said ‘You don’t know who it is?'”


Neymar and Messi were reunited after Argentine’s transfer to PSG in 2021. He left Barcelona after almost 17 years of his service, not to mention one of the most loyal players in football history.

In 2017, the Brazilian revealed about their first meet-up when he was signed by the Catalans in 2013.

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Lionel Messi and Neymar

“On my first day when I arrived in the dressing room and saw Messi and all the others in front of me, I thought I was in a video game. I was scared to even speak to them.”

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“At the moment when I most needed help, the key-player in the team, the greatest player in the world, came to me and offered me a hand. Messi said: Come here, you need to be yourself, you need to be happy. You need to be like you were in Santos. We are here to help you.”

Luis Suarez

Unarguably one the greatest strikers of all time, Luis Suarez is one of the closest friends to Leo Messi. He had been with him since 2014 until Atletico Madrid signed the Uruguayan in mid 2021.

Luis Suarez and Leo Messi
Luis Suarez and Leo Messi

The first time these both faced each other was when Atletico Madrid went against Barcelona in a cup deciding match of La Liga.

The trio of MSN is said to be the greatest one that the football world could ever see.

Answer to the question above – Lionel Messi

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