Top 10 Greatest Attacking Midfielders in Premier League History

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Top 10 Greatest Attacking Midfielders in Premier League History

Here are the top 10 greatest attacking midfielders in Premier League history

Premier League have some great midfielders in its history. However, some of them were absolute class and some didn’t get the attention they deserve.

This article will tell you about the top 10 best offensive midfielders in Premier League history. Can you guess where Kevin De Bruyne will be seated on this list?

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Greatest Attacking Midfielders in Premier League

  1. Frank Lampard – Lampard was never the most naturally gifted player. However, his determination and will to win was coupled with his clinical nature.
  2. Paul Scholes – Scholes was made of stuffn= and calmness. His aggression was one of his strength which made him a great midfielder.
  3. David Silva – Silva was a magician in Premier League and a thoroughly fantastic individual. He left the Manchester City as a legend in 2020.
  4. Steven Gerrard – Gerrard created his position as one of the best attacking midfielders the Premier League has ever seen. 
  5. Cesc Fabregas – Fabregas has incredible range of passing and sensational vision. He quickly established himself in the ‘Gunners’ midfield, and took over the captaincy later.
  6. Kevin De Bruyne – De Bruyne’s technical ability and football intelligence is on a different level. He is currently the best midfielder in the world.
  7. Yaya Toure – Toure was able to support the attack and defense four before rampaging forward. He scored important goals for City like in the FA Cup semi-final and final in 2011.
  8. Juan Mata – Mata moved to Manchester United in 2014 for a club record fee of £37.1million. He continued to give his best despite being played out of his central role.
  9. Santi Cazorla – Cazorla was naturally both-footed and was able to pop up when Arsene Wenger’s men needed it.
  10. Luka Modric – Modric began to showcase his class and was one of the best midfielders in the Premier League until his departure to Real Madrid in 2012.

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