Top 10 Lowest Spending Clubs In Summer Transfer Window

Leicester City
Leicester City

Here are some of the lowest spending clubs in summer transfer window

Can you guess which Bundesliga club has added more than 10 players this summer? We gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the cheapest clubs in the world, that is, their current expenditure stats.

This article will tell you about the top 10 clubs that have spent the least in 2022/23 summer transfer window. Follow for football updates and news.

Lowest Spending Clubs

  1. Leicester City – €0m
  2. Athletic Bilbao – €0m
  3. Rayo Vallecano – €0m
  4. AC Ajaccio – €300k
  5. Montprllier HSC – €500k
  6. VFL Bochum – €750k
  7. Villareal CF – €980k
  8. AJ Auxerre – €1.75m
  9. Osasuna – €2m
  10. Cadiz – €2m

Leicester City has not spent a single penny this summer but they did sign a player on a free transfer. Atletico Bilbao are in the same category as Leicester.

Just like both the clubs mentioned above, Rayo Vallecano have spent €0 million on signings for their 2022/23 campaign. But this doesn’t mean they didn’t sign any player or something. They have signed a total of five players but on a free transfer criteria.

Ligue 1 club AC Ajaccio has spent more than €300,000 on six signings till now. Montpellier have spent €200,000 more than Ajaccio with the only difference being the number of signings.

Surprisingly, Bundesliga club VFL Bochum has signed a total of 11 players this summer for an estimation of €750,000.

Osasuna and Cadiz are the two highest spending clubs in this list, not to mention two of the least spending clubs this summer.