Top 10 Most Valuable Players In 2006

Top 10 Most Valuable Players In 2006
Top 10 Most Valuable Players In 2006

Here we show you some of the most valuable players in 2006

Can you guess the market value of Samuel Eto’o in 2006? We gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the most expensive players in the world, that is, their all-time market value stats.

This article will tell you about the top 10 most valuable players in 2006. Follow for football updates and news.

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Most Valuable Players

  1. Ronaldinho – €70m
  2. Andriy Shevchenko – €51m
  3. Thierry Henry – €50m
  4. Frank Lampard – €38.5m
  5. Francesco Totti – €37m
  6. Michael Essien – €36.5m
  7. Samuel Eto’o – €36m
  8. Van Nistelrooy – €36m
  9. Wayne Rooney – €36m
  10. Michael Ballack – €35m

Ronaldinho is the only Brazilian present in the list. He is inarguably one of the greatest players in football history. He probably had got the best skill moves in his prime, even better than Neymar.

Van Nistelrooy is the only Real Madrid legend present in the list but his market value decreased from €41 million in 2005 to only €36 million the next year. But he was still one of the best strikers in the world.

Before Arsenal’s unexpected fall in 2010s, they held some legendary names that were feared by even many big clubs. Thierry Henry was one of the those names, regarded as the greatest Premier League striker of all time.

Samuel Eto’o is another Barcelona legend mentioned above and he was just 25 years old in 2006. You don’t see neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Lionel Messi because they were still in progress of becoming two of the greatest players in football history.