When Mane’s house was fled by his relatives

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Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane’s house was fled by his relatives because of this reason

Sadio Mane is one of the best player in the English Premier League. He too is involved in Liverpool’s instinct form this season. But an incident in his life is very shameful to hear.

In a match of Africa Cup of Nations, Mane missed a penalty in the quarter final of the cup against Cameroon and he was attacked by the fans when Senegal got knocked out of the tournament because of his penalty.

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After the penalty miss, Mane apologized to his fans for his fault but his house was targeted by his relatives when they fled his house in Malika, near the capital Dakar, just because of his team’s exit from the cup.

Not only this, thugs also threatened Mane’s relatives at his uncle’s mansion and stole £26,000 SUV that Mane brought for his uncle.

After this shameful incident, Mane and his family were given a 24 hours protection by soldiers and policemen.

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