Jodhpur 8-year-old girl made 6 pack abs, See photos

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8-year-old pooja bishnoi of Jodhpur made 6 pack abs, See photos

Sports Desk – The 8-year-old child enjoys studying and playing. But an eight-year-old girl is sweating hard to make her career. Yes, eight-year-old Pooja Bishnoi is leaving her mark among the Indian young best athletes. He has also surprised young best athletes by making 6 pack abs at this age.

Hailing from a small village in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, Pooja has set a world record in the under-10 age category covering a distance of 3 km in just 12.50 minutes. Pooja remains an internet sensation today. Not only this, but young athletes are also taking inspiration from them.

Pooja Bishnoi

Let me tell you that he has expressed his desire to become an Olympic champion in the 2024 Games. For this, she is working hard.

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The help of Virat Kohli Foundation
Pooja is getting help from the Virat Kohli Foundation. The Virat Kohli Foundation is meeting its daily expenses of puja visit, nutrition, training, etc. Indian team captain Virat Kohli has also met Pooja.

Get up at 3 o’clock
Pooja started practicing from the age of 4. She wakes up at 3 am and practices. After this, she goes to school at 7 pm, while running after coming from school.

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