Top 10 best NBA players in the world right now

Top 10 best NBA players in the world right now
Top 10 best NBA players in the world right now
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These are the top 10 world’s best NBA payers right now

Can you guess the no.1 NBA player right now? Most of you guys would have guessed right. By the way, when it comes to NBA players, LeBron James’s name comes at the top. His name is also first in this list.

Top 10 NBA players in the world:

1. LeBron James (Lakers) – How much longer James will hold the top spot is anyone’s guess, and going into this season, there are plenty of comers. But it feels certain that this is not the time to take it from him. And that’s where we’ve landed.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) – He comes in second here, only because arguably the greatest player in league history has yet to slow down in any meaningful way. So this is where we leave Giannis, as more 1B than true No. 2.

3. Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers) – Ultimately, there’s a reason why Leonard, before the age of 30, has gotten the best of guys like Durant, Steph, LeBron, and Giannis in the playoffs—it’s because he’s really damn good.

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4. James Harden (Houston Rockets) – Houston’s leading man James Harden is arguably the greatest scorer of the century, and at this point in his career, Harden remains a walking playoff berth.

5. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) – Curry remains one of the most electric players in the NBA, and his shooting ability endures as one of the most impactful forces in league history.

6. Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets) – Durant’s decision to join the Warriors will always be controversial, but the results he got in Golden State should not be. Now, Durant’s time with the Nets—the third phase of his career—may prove to be the most complicated test he’s faced.

7. Anthony Davis (Lakers) – Davis is obsessed with constantly adding flourishes to his game. He’s only 27 years old, which means the contract extension he recently inked will carry him through the smack dab of his prime.

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8. Nikola Jokić (Denver Nuggets) – Jokić’s offensive brilliance is infectious. He’s arguably the greatest passing big of all time, averaging seven assists per game in each of the last two seasons.

9. Luka Dončić (Dallas Mavericks) – It takes a truly unusual combination of focus and skill to function comfortably at the intersection of high usage and high efficiency, and it’s a challenge most players never master. Dončić is already there.

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10. Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers) – Embiid bullies smaller defenders and is too skilled for those who might be a closer physical comparison.

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