Actresses are nothing in front of the beauty of this female bodybuilder, see photos

Bodybuilder Yashmeen Chauhan is no less than an actress in terms of beauty
Bodybuilder Yashmeen Chauhan is no less than an actress in terms of beauty

Sports Desk – You must have seen beautiful models, actresses, and cricketers, but have you ever seen beautiful bodybuilders? Today we are going to tell you about the most beautiful bodybuilder of India, beyond whom the star also seems to be nothing. Yes, the name of this bodybuilder is Yashmeen Chauhan. Yashmeen Chauhan is a very bold and beautiful bodybuilder. Everyone is crazy about their beauty. Not only this, Yashmeen is an inspiration for women who consider fitness as a challenge.

Yashmeen, a resident of UP, has won many titles in bodybuilding competitions. They are quite different from ordinary girls. Yashmeen also runs her own gym in Gurgaon. Where she trends not only girls but also boys.

In 2003, Yashmeen opened an aerobic studio called ‘Sculpt’. Yashmeen won the title of Gladrex Mrs. India-2005. After this, in the year 2007, he expanded it to a gym and now Yashmeen trains over 300 boys and girls in his gym every month. Today people yearn to come to his gym.

After this, he decided to prove himself to the world. He chose weightlifting as his career in 2013 when everyone refused him. So later that same weightlifting became her identity and now she also competes with men today.

She has held the title of Miss India-2016 organized by the Indian Body Building and Fitness Federation. Yashmeen is a bodybuilder as well as very beautiful and stylish in appearance. Many of his pictures are going viral on social media.