Top 10 longest-serving WWE champions

Top 10 longest-serving WWE champions
Top 10 longest-serving WWE champions

WWE world championship is the highest reward for any player in WWE. It is the topmost achievement for any WWE star. Many stars hold their title for many days and some of them are lost in just a few days. So, in this article, we will see the top 10 longest-serving WWE champions.

#10 Hulk Hogan (364 days)

In Wrestle mania 5 Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Savage and won the world championship which he held for almost one year up to the next Wrestle mania where he lost to the Ultimate Warrior.

#9 Randy Savage (371 days)

Randy Savage defeated Ted Dibiase to win the world championships of WWE which he hold for 371 days. In his reign of 371 days, he also defeated Andre the giant. He lost his championship to Hulk Hogan in Wrestle Mania5.

#8 AJ Styles (371 days)

AJ Styles also held the title of WWE championship for 371 days. He defeated Jinder Mahal in 2017 to win the title. The phenomenal had an amazing reign as WWE champion.

#7 John Cena (380 days)

John Cena is one of the biggest WWE stars and he is also the 13 times champion. It was his 3rd reign which was the longest. He defeated Edge in 2006 to put his hands on the WWE championship for the third time.

#6 CM Punk (434 days)

One f the most underrated WWE player ever, CM Punk won the WWE championship in 2011  which he held for 434 days and in his reign, he defeated many big names in the business. His fight with Brock Lesner was also one of the most difficult fights of Brock Lesner’s career.

#5 Pedro Morales (1027 days)

Pedro Morales is not a much-known WWE superstar but he won the WWE championship in 1971 and he was champion till 1973 making him the 5th most longest-serving WWE champion for 1207 days.

#4 Bruno Sammartino (1237 days)

The greatest WWE champion ever, Bruno Sammartino won the championship in 1973 and he took that with him for 1237 days making him only the 5th player to cross the 1000 days mark. He fought with many great wrestlers but undoubtedly, he was one of the best.

#3 Hulk Hogan (1474 days)

Appearing for the second time on our list, Hulk Hogan when won the championship in 1984 defeating Iron Sheik became the undisputed champion for 1474 days which became one of the longest-serving periods for a WWE star. His fight with Andre the giant in wrestle mania 3 was in this reign only.

#2 Bob Backlund (2135 days)

Bob Backlund who was one of the strongest wrestlers in WWE history was also the second wrestler to hold the WWE championship for more than 2000 days. Bob was champion for 2135 days which makes him the second longest-serving WWE champion.

#1 Bruno Sammartino (2803 days)

The greatest WWE champion ever Bruno Sammartino broke every record with his longest reign as the WWE champion. He became champion in 1963 defeating Buddy Rogers and he hold the title for 8 long years up to 1971 for remarkable 2803 days which is the longest reign of a WWE champion. Bruno defeated every player who came in his way in these 8 years of his dominance.