10 Best Tennis Forehands in Tennis History

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10 Best Tennis Forehands in Tennis History

Forehand is one of the most important shorts in tennis. players can easily get points with the help of this short. This short allows you to hit the ball with two techniques topspin and hard hit.

Good forehand players are from present day tennis only, with better technology and modern equipment’s modern-day players adopted this short perfectly.

Below is the list of 10 best tennis forehands in tennis history.

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10. Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini a young Italian tennis player is among the quality players of modern time but what makes him special and a contender for grand slam is his forehand. He delivers a short with power and with some amount of spin, which takes him one step ahead from his opponent.

9. Novak Djokovic

When we see his game, we never observe his forehand, but honestly his forehand is just perfect and quite underrated as well. Specially when he returns the serves with a forehand, he comes in balanced position and hit the ball hard enough to get him a point.

8. Kyle Edmund

Kyle Edmund’s career was in ups and downs, but there is no doubt that he has one of the best forehand in tennis history. Many thinks that he has the best forehand in current tennis world, but his other tennis things are not good which makes him not the best contender of grand slam.

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7. Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas is the youngest player in this list which makes us think that he still has to achieve his prime. He has not won any grand slam but looking at his forehand it looks like one day he surely will. He is an aggressive player from the baseline with his strong forehand shorts.

6. Fernando Verdasco

Spanish player Fernando Verdasco has the hardest Left-handed forehand in tennis. He serves his forehand in corners and was in control all the time. His best result in major tournament was that epic semi final match against Nadal in 2009 in Australian Open. He is getting to an end to his career now but still has one of the strongest forehand.

5. Rafael Nadal

To be honest Rafael Nadal has not the best of Forehand but what I like him about the most is his dedication and hard work which made his racquet swing amazing in between his career. Nadal is not a natural left hander; he always delivers forehand with his weak arm which shows how much dedicated he is and for this dedication he ranks at No. 5 in this list.

4. Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem is among the top rankers in world but this high rise in his career rankings was result of his dominance on all the surfaces specially on clay plus his forehand. His forehand produces some top-class topspin which troubles his opponents. His forehand suits the conditions of clay surface very well. He can also flatten out the forehand and cause a lot of trouble in that regard as well. 

3. Fernando Gonzalez

In his prime Gonzalez has one of the best forehands in tennis which can make him won against any opponent. Many were surprised when Gonzalez made it to the Australian Open final in 2007 but the question is how he managed to reach in that final and Ans is simple with his dominant forehands. Also, he defeated Rafael Nadal in that tournament’s quarter finals.

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2. Roger Federer

One of the most important weapons of Roger Federer throughout his career was his reliable forehand by which he can put the ball wherever he wants in opponents court. Federer is a kind of player who never stops when it comes to innovating. He developed several ways in different phases of his career to keep his forehand working. Clearly his hard work pays off and made him one of the best forehand in tennis.

1. Juan Martin Del Porto

Porto when he was healthy had the best forehand in tennis history. With advantage of his height, he can clear the net with his powerful forehands although he was not good with the top spin but still the power, he used to generate was amazing. It was his forehand that helped him achieving the US open in 2009 defeating Nadal in semis and Federer in finals. In recent years he suffered a lot wrist injuries which slows down his career but in his prime he was just best when it comes to forehand.

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