10 Interesting Facts About French Open

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French Open

With the ongoing craze of the French Open grand slam, we are here with another interesting article related to the Roland Garros or French Open grand slam.

10 interesting facts about French Open

  1. French Open is played on the Stade Roland Garros which was named after a French pilot, Eugene Adrien Roland George’s Garros. He was a World War 1 pilot and also the first one to complete a solo trip over the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. An average amount of 44000 kg of red brick dust is used to make clay courts which are not clay but a mixture of limestone powder and red brick dust.
  3. Winning prize for the men’s singles in French Open is the musketeer’s cup which was named after four famous French tennis stars who dominated French Open till 1933.
  4. The coupe des Mousquetaires or musketeers cup remains in the stadium only the winner is given a replica of it.
  5. You will be shocked to know that before 1925 non-French tennis clubs are not allowed to participate in French Open as before 1925 only French tennis clubs were allowed to participate in it.
  6. French Open was started in 1891 and it has been held every single year from 1891 except 1939 to 1945 because of World War 2.
  7. In the 2020 edition, Wilson tennis balls were used in French Open which was specially designed for clay courts.
  8. The Stade Roland Garros was built in 1928 for France to host their first Davis Cup.
  9. It was for the first time in 1891 when the French Open was played and you will be surprised to know that it was played on the sand 1891.
  10. Till 1897 only men were allowed to participate in French Open. Women were not allowed to take part in French Open till 1897.

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