10 interesting facts about Wimbledon Open

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Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon Open will start on the 27th of June and it is considered as most prestigious tennis grand slam. Wimbledon is the biggest major and every tennis player dreams to play in it. So, in this article, we are here with 10 interesting facts about Wimbledon Open.

  • Wimbledon Open was started in 1877 as Wimbledon Championships at the All-England Club. It was the first grand slam in tennis which makes it the oldest.
  • Grass used in Wimbledon Open is a perennial grass that is maintained properly. The height of the grass is exactly 8mm.
  • Longest match in the history of tennis was played in Wimbledon Open between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Isner defeated Mahut in an 11-hour and five minutes match which is the longest match in tennis history.
  • India plays a very important part in Wimbledon Open. An Indian-based country has been manufacturing signature towels for 31 years. They have a manufacturing plant in Vapi, Gujarat.
  • During the whole Wimbledon Open approx. 112000 pounds of strawberries, 32,000 lots of chips, 25,000 bottles of bubbly, 1,00,000 pints of beers, etc are consumed.
  • Loudest shout by a player after winning a point came from Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova which reaches about 105 decibels.
  • Wimbledon is the only grand slam that follows a strict dress code that is all white. Match officials can ask the player to change the dress if he is not following the dress code. In 2013 Roger Federer was banned from wearing shoes because his shoes were of orange soles.
  • Tim Henman is the first and only player up to date who was disqualified from the championship. In 1995 he smashed a ball in anger which hit a ball girl in the face.
  • Approximately 42,000 balls are used during a Wimbledon season. Before 1986 white balls were used but after those yellow balls came into play.

Today Wimbledon Open is one of the most-watched sporting tournaments in the world but you will be surprised to know that in the first-ever Wimbledon Open there were only 200 spectators.