Top 10 Countries with the Best Tennis Talent

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Top 10 Countries with the Best Tennis Talent

Tennis is really a popular sport all around globe. Players represents their countries at various slams and world events.

We have seen that some of the players are like icons for their countries and they represent their country at world level.

Today we will see top 10 countries where tennis is famous.

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10. Brazil

Players of Brazil won 13 grand slam titles in total. Gustavo Kuerten was most successful Brazil player. He was successful player on clay court and won handful French open titles. Many courts in the country are of clay that’s why Brazilians are quite successful on clay.

9. Sweden

Players of Sweden won 50 grand slam titles in total. Many famous players like Bjorn Borg, Stephen Edberg, Mats Wilander etc. But still they are not a successful nation in tennis at present but in past they were dominant in tennis. They need some good youngsters to really push for title.

8. Switzerland

Players of Switzerland won 56 grand slam titles in total. When it comes to Switzerland who would come in mind other than Roger Federer. He alone has 20 grand slam titles. Many other players like Martina Hingis, Stan Wawrinka should also give the credit to increase the popularity of tennis in Switzerland.

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7. Italy

Players of Italy won 18 grand slam titles in total. Players of Italy are special in all round game. They are good in all surfaces. Their performance in Davis Cup and fed Cup are just up to the mark. Although they do not have any big name in tennis yet still, they are successful in doubles and mixed doubles.

6. Serbia

Players of Serbia won 28 grand slam titles in total. And when we talk about Serbia who other than Novak Djokovic comes in our mind. He also has 20 grand slam titles and is current No1 in world. One cannot expect a good tennis from a country like Serbia but still it’s a fast-growing tennis nation.

5. Germany

Players of Germany won 46 grand slam titles in total. Boris Becker in men is Germany’s most popular and successful player in tennis and in women the tennis legend Steffi Graf represented his country several times in world events. In past few years there are many German players emerging in tennis.

4. France

Players of France won 57 grand slam titles in total. There is not any certain time when France ruled the world tennis but they came into action time to time but they are still lacking in men individual star who can give them joy of winning a grand slam after Yannick Noah. Mary piece and Amelie Maursemo are currently successful players in women in tennis for France.

3. Spain

Players of Spain won 68 grand slam titles in total. Spain in tennis was not a tennis playing nation in early years but in past few decades they emerged ad a top tennis nation. Reason for that is none other that “king of clay” Rafael Nadal who alone has 20 grand slam titles. Spanish players are quite good on clay surface.

2. Australia

Players of Australia won 145 grand slam titles in total. Australia in tennis is second most successful nation in world. It hosts Australian open every year and is a successful nation with a sufficient fund to feed is youngsters. But still, they are looking for their men champion after Lleyton Hewitt. In women Ashleigh Barty last won the grand slam for Australia.

1. United States

Players of United States won an unbelievable 530 grand slam titles in total. United States had produced some of the world’s tennis legends like Serena Williams, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Monica Seles. United States of America hosts US Open every year and is most successful tennis nation whether it is of grand slam or funds. But in current tennis they are lacking with a champion like they used to have earlier.

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