5 Unbreakable Records In UFC History

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5 Unbreakable Records In UFC History

Here are the 5 unbreakable records in UFC history

Making records in MMA is a huge achievement when you are determined to win every single fight you compete in.

There are a lot of fascinating records in mixed martial arts. However, there are still a lot of records that are still to be broken.

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This article will tell you about 5 unbreakable records in UFC history. Can you guess who holds the records for the fastest knockout in history?

Unbreakable Records In UFC

Youngest Champion

At only 23 and a half, Jones defeated Mauricio Rua to become the UFC light heavyweight champion at UFC 128. He has eight title defenses under his belt at age 27.  

Most Takedowns

In May 2013, Khabib Nurmagomedov took down Abel Trujillo at UFC 160. Every time Trujillo stood up, Khabib throwed him right back down, dragging him on the mat a record 21 times in 27 attempts.

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Fastest Finish

Ronda Rousey took out Cat Zingano in just 12 seconds (14 officially). It has remained the fastest finish in UFC championship history. Although the time was recorded to 14 seconds, Zingano tapped the mat in 12.

Fastest Knockout

In March 2014, Mike Garrett made his mixed martial arts debut alongside Sam Heron. Mike Garrett immediately knocked out Heron with a head kick.

The finish time recorded was 1.13 seconds into the action. It has remained the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Most Professional MMA Fights

Travis Fulton has competed in 312 professional MMA fights at the age of 37. Fans have nicknamed him “The Ironman”.

The second most fights were completed by Dan Severn, who officially fought 127 times.

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