Michael Chandler challenges Conor McGregor to fight him at UFC 303

Conor McGregor

Michael Chandler intends to fight Conor McGregor in under ten minutes of the Fight at UFC 303.

At UFC 303, Michael Chandler has tipped the scales toward a finish against Conor McGregor. Dana White delivered the long-awaited news at the UFC 300 press conference last weekend.

The return of the “Mystic Mac” against Chandler was confirmed by the UFC President on June 29 at International Fight Week. Chandler was seen beaming with confidence about his chances of winning the welterweight match.

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Since the previous year, Michael Chandler has been waiting for Conor McGregor. The two coaches for season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter were scheduled to square off in the championship match.

Due to McGregor’s refusal to join USADA’s testing pool, everything quickly broke apart and there was a protracted delay. Michael Chandler bravely shared his prediction regarding the fight in an interview with The Mac Life on YouTube prior to their UFC 303 matchup.

“I still see the outcome the same way, I think I’ll put him on his backfoot the first round, make him second guess himself in the first round….and finish him in the second.”

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In the second round, Michael Chandler thinks he will defeat the Irishman. Given that each round lasted five minutes, this effectively meant that the American sought to finish Conor McGregor in ten minutes or less.

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Chandler referred to it as his “Mystic Mike” forecast, mocking McGregor’s “Mystic Mac” persona. Though he is unsure if he will submit or get knocked out, he is confident he will see the fight through.

The previous contender for the title continued by discussing the rumors that their encounter would be a title match.

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