Top 5 Malaysian players in badminton

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Top 5 Malaysian players in badminton

Malaysia has produced some of the finest badminton stars in the world. In the past few years, Malaysia has given some of the best players in the world in all the categories of the game. there are many to talk about but in this article, we have only listed the top 5 of them.

#5 Tan Wee Kiong

Tan Wee Kiong is a doubles player and he is famous for his defensive techniques. But sometimes he has shown his ability for fast smashes. Talking about his achievements he won silver in the 2016 Rio Olympics in men’s doubles, he is also two times Commonwealth gold medallist.

#4 Goh V Shem

Goh V Shem was not a much more successful player before he started playing with Tan Wee Kiong in 2014. Before 2013 he does not have many titles after his name but after his partnership with Tan, they became one of the best doubles in the world.

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#3 Chan Peng Soon

Chan Peng Soon is a mixed doubles player. He with his partner Goh Liu Ying ranked among the top 10 in world mixed doubles rankings. Their highest career rank was 3rd in 2013. Their biggest achievement was a silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

#2 Goh Liu Ying

Goh Liu Ying is one of the most beautiful badminton players in the world. It is not only her looks that are killer but also her style of play. She is very fast and an expert in mixed doubles. She is the partner of Chan Peng Soon and they both have achieved great heights in their careers together.

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#1 Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei is not only the greatest Malaysian player but he is among the best badminton players in the world of all time. Chong Wei is also among the wealthiest badminton players in the world. He has won 3 silver medals in three consecutive Olympics of 2008, 2012, and 2016. He is very famous in Malaysia and there is also a film named Lee Chong Wei: Rise of the legend which shows how popular he is. 

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