5 Indian players with lowest average in first 21 tests

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5 Indian players with lowest average in first 21 tests

In this article we will tell you an unwanted record of Indian players with the lowest average in the first 21 tests while batting at 1 to 7 batting positions and scoring 1000+ runs.

#1 Chetan Chauhan

Former Indian player and batter, Chetan Chauhan averaged only 28.7 in his first 21 tests. Chetan’s average is the lowest average on our list.

#2 Farokh Engineer

Former Indian player and ace commentator, Farokh Engineer averaged only 29.5 in the first 21 tests of his career. Farokh moved to England after playing for India but he could not capitalise on his opportunities.

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#3 Shubman Gill

As an Indian cricket fan, Shubman Gill’s name does not suit this list but it is a reality. A player like Shubman Gill is struggling to capitalize on the given opportunities as his average after the first 21 tests is only 30.4. There are very high expectations from him and these stats do not suit him.

#4 Krishnamachari Srikkanth

Former Indian World Cup-winning opening batsman, Krishnamachari Srikkanth is No.4 on our list as his average was fourth lowest among Indian players after 21 test matches. He averaged 31.2 in his first 21 tests.

#5 Anshuman Gaekwad

Former Indian batter Anshuman Gaekwad is at No.5 on our list. His average in his first 21 tests was 32.03. He was also a very talented batsman but could not find a way to improve himself.

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