5 Memorable matches of T20 World Cup

5 Memorable matches of T20 World Cup
5 Memorable matches of T20 World Cup

As T20 world cup is starting from 17 October. Fans are excited to Watch their teams in action. Today we will relive some of the most memorable matches in T20 world cup.

1. India vs Pakistan (2007 – Final)

In 2007 world T20 final India and Pakistan met each other. They already played against each other in that tournament and that match too was ended in a ball out but this time it was final and India took it. India won the match by 5 runs. Gautam Gambhir scored 75 runs which was highest from any Indian batsmen and took his team to a respectable score of 157.

Most thrilling part of the match was when last over was given to Joginder who was not that experienced. Misbah Ul Haqq was on strike and he smashed a six to Jogi now 6 runs were required from 4 bowls and Misbah ul haq decided to play a scoop and lost his wicket and India lifts the trophy of first ICC T20 World Cup.

2. England vs West Indies (2016 – Final)

Best final of T20 world cup was played between England and west Indies in 2016. It was Carlos Brathwaite who was hero of the match. Whole match was entertaining. Both teams were playing with best hitters of T20 world cup. It was last over of the match which grabbed whole attention. Ben stokes was the bowler and he was defending 19 runs which every bowler will think he can but Carlos Brathwaite was in mood that day and he smashed 4 sixes consecutively to led West Indies their 2nd T20 world cup title.

3. India vs Bangladesh (2016 – Group stage)

In 2016 T20 world cup India and Bangladesh were in same group. Their match was one of the best to remember in tournament as India won that match by 1 run. It was last over which concluded whole match summary. Hardik Pandya was given the Ball by MS Dhoni he was bowling to Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur Rahim.

In every four which Mushfiqur Rahim was scoring he was celebrating like he won the match but it his celebration turned into vain when Hardik clinched his wicket and only 2 runs were required on last ball batsmen was unable to hit it and it was MS Dhoni who grabbed it and ran towards stumps with remarkable speed and run out the batsman and India won by 1 run.

4. England vs South Africa (2016 – Group stage)

In 2016 world cup two of the most promising sides played the thriller of tournament where England won by 2 wickets but match was worth to watch. While batting first South Africa put a target of 229 in front of England and England players take that with a pleasure, they chased it down and broke the record of highest ever chase in T20 world cup. It was Jason Roy and Joe root who scored maximum runs for England.

5. England vs Netherlands (2009 – Group stage)

One of the biggest upsets of T20 world cup was when Netherlands defeated England at lords in 2009 T20 world cup. While batting first England pit a century opening partnership and put a score of 162 on board.

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Netherlands did not start well but they pit some 50 runs partnership in between and match came to final over where Stuart Board was given charge to defend 6 runs. He balls well throughout the over but it was last ball where he made a huge mistake. 2 runs were required in last ball Batsman went for single but board in hurry to run out overthrew the ball and gave Netherlands the victory.