Aaron Finch Vs Rohit Sharma: head-to-head stats in T20Is

Aaron Finch Vs Rohit Sharma
Aaron Finch Vs Rohit Sharma
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The two most successful players of our generation, Aaron Finch and Rohit Sharma both are captains of two big nations in cricket. Apart from captaincy, they both are also very experienced and successful cricketers, especially of the white ball.

Finch and Sharma also have some amazing stats in T20Is. They both are openers and they both are famous for their battings style. So, in this article, we will see a head-to-head stats comparison between Rohit Sharma and Aaron Finch in T20Is.

  • Innings – Australian captain, Aaron Finch has played in 103 T20I innings in his career so far. Whereas Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has played in 137 T20I innings.
  • Runs – in terms of runs Rohit Sharma is ahead of the Australian skipper and the reason for that can be the number of innings played by Rohit is more than that of Finch. Rohit has 3809 runs and Finch has 3120 runs in T20Is so far.
  • Average – in terms of average Finch is ahead of Rohit as he has an average of 34.29 and Rohit has an average of 31.22.
  • Strike rate – both Finch and Rohit Sharma are clean strikers of the cricket ball but it is Aaron Finch who has a better strike rate than Rohit. Finch has a strike rate of 142.53 and Rohit has a strike rate of 140.14.
  • Fours – Rohit has 342 fours whereas Finch has 309 fours in T20Is.
  • Sixes – as we all know Rohit has the highest number of sixes in T20Is Rohit has 182 and the Australian captain has 125 sixes in T20Is so far.
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