Batsmen Dismissed Most Times By James Anderson

James Anderson

James Anderson is now 40 years old and he is still sitting at the No.1 spot on the ICC rankings of best test bowler. James Anderson is a test legend and he is competing with modern-day bowlers who are young and fast. He is aging like a fine wine. In this article, we will see Batsmen dismissed most time by James Anderson.

#4 9 times

James Anderson dismissed legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Kane Williamson, Azhar Ali, and Michael Clarke 9 times in his career. they all are retired now except Kane Williamson against whom Anderson has bowled brilliantly but Anderson is still playing and still giving nightmares to so-called modern-day legends.

#3 10 times

Batsman who is dismissed by Anderson 10 times in his test career is Australian opener, David Warner who struggles badly against Anderson. Warner also struggles against Ashwin. Ashwin has also dismissed him 11 times in his test career.

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#2 11 times

At No.2 we do not have a batsman. We have former Australian bowler, Peter Siddle who was dismissed by Anderson 11 times in his career. Anderson always troubled him in their ashes meetings and he was never allowed by Anderson to get settled.

James Anderson
James Anderson

#1 12 times

James Anderson has dismissed Cheteshwar Pujara, 12 times in his career so far. He is Anderson’s favourite wicket because Pujara is a very successful test batter but it’s Anderson who is more successful in their battles. Both Pujara and Anderson are the definition of patience and love they have for test cricket which makes it a positive sign for test cricket to see such interesting battles.

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