Bowling Records Of James Anderson Before And After 30

James Anderson
James Anderson

James Anderson is currently ranked the No.2 bowler in test format. Anderson is the definition of patience, longevity, and dedication. Anderson is a modern-day great and he will be considered as one of the best test bowlers to ever play the game. In this article, we will see a stats and bowling records comparison of James Anderson before and after 30 as he is in a league of his own.

  1. Matches – in the early days of his career, Anderson was not a regular bowler. Before 30 Anderson played 71 games and after 30, he played 107 games.
  2. Wickets – before 30 Anderson took 268 wickets and after 30 Anderson has taken 414 wickets so far. He is aging like a fine wine and he is still England’s crucial wicket-taker in tests.
  3. Average – Anderson’s every stat improved after he turned 30. His average was 30.37 which is now 23.07.
  4. Strike Rate – Anderson’s strike rate has not changed much. His strike rate before 30 was 57.9 and after 30 his strike rate is 54.4.
  5. 5 wicket hauls – before 30 years of age, Anderson took 12 five-wicket hauls and after 30 he has 20 so far.
  6. 10 wicket hauls – when it comes to 10 wicket hauls, Anderson took only 1 before 30 and he took 2 after turning 30.
  7. Best bowling figure in an inning – before 30 Anderson’s best bowling figure in an inning was of 7/43 but after 30 he has the best bowling figure in an inning of 7/42.
  8. Best bowling figure in a match – before 30 Anderson’s best bowling figure of a match was 11/71 and after 30 Anderson’s best bowling figure in a match was of 10/45.

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