Dinesh Karthik Vs Rishabh Pant: T20I stats in 2022

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Dinesh Karthik Vs Rishabh Pant

Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh Pant both are the choices of wicketkeeper-batsman in the Indian team in the shortest format of the game. Karthik and Pant are different players and it will be a very hard choice for the coaches to pick one of them in playing 11.

Although they both can make it to the playing 11 but chances of that are very low. So, in this article, we will draw a stats comparison between both of them in T20Is in 2022 and we will also see who is a much better option.

  • Innings – in 2022 so far, Pant has played 24 T20I innings whereas Karthik has played 31 T20I innings. They both have played in IPL and for the Indian team and looking at the numbers Karthik has played in more matches than Pant.
  • Runs – despite Karthik having batted in more innings than Pant, there is not much difference in their runs. Karthik has scored 563 runs whereas Pant has scored 540 runs in 2022 so far. Karthik has played a role of a finisher in 2022 and Pant, on the other hand, has played as a proper middle-order batsman and sometimes opener.
  • Average – Karthik is ahead of Pant when it comes to average as Karthik has an average of 35.18 and Pant has an average of 27 in T20Is in 2022 so far.
  • Strike Rate – Strike rate is one of the most important things in T20 cricket and Karthik is ahead of Pant in this stat. Dinesh Karthik has made runs with a strike rate of 157 and Pant on the other hand has a strike rate of 142.

Karthik is ahead of Pant in almost every stat and we cannot deny the fact that he has played exceptionally well in 2022. It all started with RCB which is still continuing. Karthik has shown his finishing capabilities and he can play the role of a finisher for India in Asia Cup and T20 World Cup. Apart from finishing he is also an experienced player who can help team India win games.

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Rishabh Pant on the other hand in my opinion is a much better choice in playing 11 although it is very hard after what Karthik has done this year and the reason for that are simple. First, he is a left-handed batsman and every team wants to have a lefty in their team and we all know what he is capable of especially on his day, and lastly, he is a better wicketkeeper than Karthik.

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