If IPL takes place in place of T20 World Cup this year, everyone benefits

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If IPL takes place in place of T20 World Cup this year, everyone benefits

Sports Desk- Even after the ICC meeting, there is doubt about the T20 World Cup. The IPL is also postponed indefinitely. After Corona, cricket will return to England from July. But everyone’s focus is on IPL and T20 World Cup. For the past few weeks, it is seen that both are dependent on each other. It is clear from the statements of the officials and players that the IPL can be held only at the venue of the World Cup.

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Due to Coronavirus, all boards are facing financial problems. Cricket Australia is also affected. If the T20 World Cup is played, they will have to keep 16 teams and their support staff in the quarantine. There will be a ban on audience coming to the ground. This will significantly reduce revenue. The ICC will also not benefit much. On the other hand, IPL has the same position in terms of viewership.

It is necessary to follow the guidelines of both ICC and the government

Indian cricket has to follow the guidelines of the ICC as well as the government. The case in which the IPL is ahead of the World Cup is TV rights. The value of IPL TV rights is much higher than the ICC tournament. IPL can be very attractive even without an audience. It is clear from all these figures that financially cancellation of IPL is better than postponing T20 World Cup.

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