Statistical comparison between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam in T20Is

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Babar Azam Breaks Virat Kohli's Record

Virat Kohli and Babar Azam are the two most successful batters in modern-day cricket. They both are considered modern-day greats and there is always a debate about who is better between these two. In this article, we will draw a statistical comparison between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam in T20Is.

  • Matches – only T20 format is the justified format to compare these two-star batters. Virat played 117 T20 internationals in his career while Babar played 109 T20 matches in his career.
  • Runs – in terms of runs Virat is ahead of Babar as Virat made 4037 international T20 runs whereas Babar made 3698 T20 international runs in his career.
  • Average – there is a huge difference between the average of these two players. Virat being a modern master is way ahead of Babar in average. Virat’s average in T20 is 51.75 whereas Babar’s average is 41.55.
  • Strike rate – strike rate is now one of the most important parameters to judge a player in T20 cricket. Both Virat and Babar play as an anchor in T20Is. They do not have a very high strike rate. But within them Virat is the clear winner as his strike rate in T20Is is 138.15 whereas Babar’s strike rate is 129.12.
  • Centuries – The first stat in which Babar is ahead of Kohli is centuries. Babar has three T20 centuries in his career so far whereas Kohli had only one.
  • Half centuries – both of these players are masters of conversions. They both know how to convert good starts into big scores. Virat has 37 half-centuries while Babar has 33 half-centuries in T20 cricket.
  • Highest score – this is a tie between these two players as their highest score in T20Is is 122. Virat made 122* against Afghanistan in 2022 whereas Babar made 122 against South Africa in 2021.

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