Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Mohammad Rizwan: head-to-head stats comparison in T20Is in 2022

Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Mohammad Rizwan
Surya Kumar Yadav Vs Mohammad Rizwan

It’s the comparison between the No.1 and No.2 batsmen in the world right now. Rizwan is ranked No.1 and SKY is ranked No.2. both Rizwan and SKY are extremely talented players and one cannot deny the fact that they both are opposite to each other. 2022 has been their year because they both have shown some unreal dominance in ICC rankings. So, in this article, we will draw a stats comparison between SKY and Rizwan in T20Is in 2022.

  • Matches – in 2022 SKY has played 23 T20I matches whereas Mohammad Rizwan has played 13 T20I matches.
  • Innings – both Rizwan and Surya played in every inning of the match they played which means SKY played in 23 innings and Rizwan in 18 innings.
  • Runs – In 2022 Surya has made more runs than Rizwan and the reason for that is simply because SKY has played more games than Rizwan. SKY made 801 runs whereas Rizwan made 620 runs in T20Is in 2022.
  • Average – in terms of Average Rizwan has surpassed SKY. Rizwan played with an average of 56.36 in 2022 whereas SKY has an average of 40.05 which is also not that bad.
  • Strike Rate – in terms of strike rate SKY is way ahead of Rizwan because SKY has a strike rate of 184.56 whereas Rizwan has a strike rate of 127.57 which is slightly low according to the T20Is.
  • Centuries –in 2022 SKY made one century against England in T20Is whereas Rizwan has not scored a T20I century in 2022 yet.
  • Highest score –Surya’s highest score was 117 against England and Rizwan’s was 88*.
  • Half Centuries –despite playing fewer matches than SKY, Rizwan has scored more half-centuries than him which shows what kind of form he is carrying in 2022 and seriously Pakistani opener has shown some unreal consistency in 2022. Rizwan has 7 half-centuries and SKY has 6 so far.  

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