These 5 Cricketers committed suicide due to this reason

These 5 Cricketers committed suicide due to this reason
These 5 Cricketers committed suicide due to this reason

Sports Desk – Friends, today we will neither tell you about cricket history nor about cricket records. Today we will talk about the cricketers who commit suicide. Friends, there have been many players in cricket who won the hearts of the audience with their bowling/batting, but for some reason, they considered it right to commit suicide. So let’s know which 5 players committed suicide-

Harold Gimblett
Seeing Harold Gimblet batting in England was nothing short of a treat. He scored 125 runs in 65 minutes in his debut match. But he was still struggling with mental stress after his cricket career and retirement. In 1978, at the age of 63, Gimblett succumbed to insanity.

Aubrey Faulkner
Faulkner was a well-known star all-rounder from South Africa. Faulkner has scored 1754 runs in 25 Tests for South Africa. In which he has the best of 204 runs. During this time he averaged 40.79. Faulkner took 82 wickets, contributing significantly to the bat as well as the bowling. His best is 84 runs with 7 wickets.

After retirement, Faulkner opened a cricket school in London, the first cricket school at the time. Where players like Doug Wright, Ian Peebles, and Dennis Tomilson emerged from. However, this school was struggling with the financial crisis, due to which Faulkner went into depression. On 10 September 1930, he committed suicide by consuming poison in his cricket school store. Faulkner was 48 years old at the time.

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David Bairstow
David Baristo, the father of current wicketkeeper Jouni Bairstow, played 4 Tests and 21 ODIs for England. David was an outstanding player from Yorkshire. He played 459 First-Class matches and 429 List A matches for Yorkshire.

David made his debut for Yorkshire at the age of 18. The day David made his debut that morning, he came out with his English literature paper, then wicketkeeping for Yorkshire.

After his retirement from cricket in 1990, David also tried his hand at cricket commentary. However, he went into depression due to his disputes with Yorkshire Management. In 1997, David Barstow attempted suicide by taking a tablet overdose but survived. After this, on 5 January 1998, he committed suicide due to financial constraints and illness of his wife.

Peter Roebuck
Roebuck played 335 First-Class matches for Somerset. In which he scored 17558 runs. Despite this, he never got a chance to play for England in the national team.

He was staying at the Southern Sun Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town on November 12, when the South African Police Service entered the hotel and spoke to him about the alleged accused of the 26-year-old man. A Zimbabwean man accused Roebuck of accusation. After which Roebuck commits suicide by jumping from the sixth floor of the hotel.

Halima Rafiq
Halima is a Pakistani woman cricketer who hailed from Multan. Halima made headlines when Sultan Alam Ansari, the chairman of the Multan Cricket Club, molested her during the match at the Multan Cricket Stadium. Halima’s cooperation was also supported by his fellow players.

Following this complaint by Halima, he started receiving threats from the Multan Cricket Board and was harassed. Alam Ansari also filed a defamation suit against Halima for making false allegations. After which Halima committed suicide by eating acid on 13 July 2014.