Top 5 highest batting averages in T20Is

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Virat Kohli

T20 format is not much of a stat-orientated format but still, critics and experts rank players based on stats and records. The batting average is one of the most important stats in a player’s career and it is never an easy job to touch that 50 mark in batting average in T20Is. But in this article, we have three players who touched 50 average marks in their careers. So here are the top 5 highest batting averages in T20Is.

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#5 Babar Azam

Pakistan’s skipper Babar Azam is No.5 on our list. Babar is a world-class batter and he is one of the best in modern-day cricket. Babar’s average in T20Is is 42.06 which is considered a decent average.

#4 Manish Pandey

Who would have thought that Manish Pandey will make it to this list because he has been out of international cricket since 2021? But Pandey was a good player for team India. He is still quite underrated and his average was 44.31 in T20Is.

#3 Mohammad Rizwan

World No.1 T20I batsman, Mohammad Rizwan is one of the best Pakistan has ever produced. He is the best batsman in this format and one cannot doubt his consistency in the T20 format. Rizwan has an average of 50.54 in T20Is which is third best in T20Is.

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Mohammad Rizwan
Mohammad Rizwan

#2 Devon Conway

If world No.1 holds the third spot, then we have world No.2 at 2nd spot on our list. It’s New Zealand left-handed opening batsmen Devon Conway who has an average of 51.85. Conway is also among the top run scorers in the current T20 world cup.

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#1 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has the best average in T20Is. Virat Kohli is back in form and he has maintained his average throughout his career. Kohli has amazing records in T20Is. His records while chasing are fabulous. Virat has the highest batting average in T20Is at 52.27.

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