Top 5 highest totals in T20 World Cup

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T20 World Cup 2024 | Credit: ICC

ICC men’s T20 cricket World Cup will begin on June 2 in West Indies and USA. There will be 20 teams participating in that mega tournament. It will be full of entertainment for all the cricket lovers around the globe. In this article, we will tell you the top 5 highest totals in T20 World Cups.

#5 South Africa

In the 2009 edition of the T20 World Cup, South Africa was playing against Scotland at the Oval. South Africa batted first and made 211/5 against Scotland at a run rate of 10.55. It was the fifth-highest total of the tournament.

#4 India

At No.4 we have India who made 218/4 in 20 overs against England in the 2007 World Cup in Durban. India batted first and scored this mammoth target with a run rate of 10.90. It was the fourth-highest total in the history of T20 World Cups.

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#3 South Africa

It’s again South Africa on third as they made 229/4 against England in the 2016 T20 World Cup at the iconic Wankhede stadium. South Africa batted first in that match and they made 229/4 in 20 overs against England at a run rate of 11.45. It was the third-highest total in the history of T20 World Cups.

#2 England

South Africa made 229 while batting first at Wankhede in 2016 but England was in a different mood they chased down the target in 19.4 overs. England made 240/8 in 19.4 overs with a run rate of 11.69. it was the highest run chase in the history of T20 World Cups.

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#1 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is at the top of the stat as no one is even close to them. Sri Lanka made 260/6 against Kenya in the 2007 T20 World Cup in Johannesburg. They batted first and scored runs at a run rate of 13. It was the highest team total in the T20 World Cups.

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