Virat Kohli feels very afraid of this thing?

Virat Kohli feels very afraid of this thing?
Virat Kohli

Sports Desk – Today we are going to tell you a special thing about the captain and stylish player of Team India, Virat Kohli. You will be surprised to know about it. Virat Kohli is the greatest player in the world today. Not only this, every bowler in the world is afraid of Kohli. But Kohli himself is very scared of one thing.

Yes, Virat, who creates fear in the bowler’s heart, is very afraid of heights. If someone asks to see below the terrace of a big building, then Virat gets scared. Virat has said this to the media many times. Initially, when Virat used to sit on the plane, he used to close his eyes, because he always feared that when the plane fell after going high, if something happened, how would he reach home.

Virat Kohli says that no matter how difficult he may put them, he will not be afraid. He are afraid only from the height.

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