You may not know the rules of ball length and width of the ball in cricket

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Sports Desk – Friends, today we are going to tell you some rules of cricket which you may not know. Today almost every person in every country plays cricket. But they may also not know the rules of length and breadth of the ball, bat in cricket. Friends, it is very important to know about the length and breadth of the ball, bat in cricket. Many questions are also asked about this in the exam. So let’s go –

According to cricket rule 5, the circumference of the cricket ball is 22.4 cm. From 22.9 cm and the ball weighs between 155.9 grams to 163 grams. There are different rules in ODI and Test cricket regarding the change of ball. In ODI cricket the ball is used till the end of the innings and if the ball is lost for some reason in the meantime, then the same overplayed ball is used. Since bowling is done from two ends, different balls are used from both ends. At the same time, in Test cricket, the rule of changing the ball is 80 overs.

Bat length
According to Rule 5 of cricket, the length of a cricket bat is 38 inches i.e. 97 cm. should not exceed. Also the width should be 4.25 inches (1.8 cm). Gloves of a batter are considered to be part of the bat. The bat rule was changed a few years ago when former Australian cricketer Ian Healy used an aluminum metal bat. When the captain of the opposition team told the umpire that this bat made of heavy metal was spoiling the cricket ball, the umpires told Ian Healy not to use that bat. Since then, a new rule has been made in cricket that the blade of a cricket bat must be made of wood.

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Pitch length
According to Rule 7 of cricket, the cricket pitch is 22 yards (20 meters) in length and 10 feet (3.0 meters) in width.

Wicket length
According to Rule 8 of cricket, the wickets should have 3-3 wooden stumps that are placed on either side of the cricket pitch. The length of these stumps is 71 cm. it occurs. The gap between these stumps should be 9 inches. A wooden bale is placed above the stumps and its height is 1.3 cm from the stumps. It should not be more than 1.95 cm and its length, especially for male cricket should not be more than 1.95 cm.

Bowling and batting crease
According to Rule 9 of cricket, bowling at both ends should be 8 feet 8 inches (2.64 meters) in length. Stumps are placed in the middle of these creases, which are discharged from the middle stumps. These creases determine the boundaries of the batsman and the bowler.

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