10 best Spanish players in Serie A history

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10 best Spanish players in Serie A history

These are some of the greatest Spanish players ever played in Serie A

This is not a ‘Top 10’ list but the best Spanish XI Italy could ever have in their history.

The All-Time Top 10 Spanish Players In Serie A

1. Fernando Llorente: Llorente joined Italian giants Juventus in 2013. He is currently playing for Napoli and still seems to have a lot to say in Serie A despite his 35 years of age.

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2. Rafael Martín Vazquez: Martín Vázquez decided to take onto a new adventure at the peak of his career as he joined Torino in 1990. One year later, he would reach the Final of the UEFA Cup – eliminating Real Madrid in the process!

3. José Callejón: Callejón was a part of Napoli’s starting eleven for seven seasons. During that time, he managed to score 80 goals for the club.

4. Suso: Suso had to prove himself during some loans, but Milan is where he achieved his best performance. That is also the time when he won his first cap for Spain.

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5. Josep “Pep” Guardiola: Considered as one of the best coaches in the history of football, Guardiola landed in Brescia looking for a new adventure.

6. Fabián Ruiz: The first two seasons for Alberto in Napoli have made such a remarkable impact that we couldn’t leave him out. He is now a regular starter in the Spanish National Team.

7. Luis Suarez: Much before Uruguay forward Luis Suarez, there was another international football star bearing this name. Suarez was the first-ever Español to play in the Italian league. He is also the only Spanish player to have ever won the Ballon d’Or.

8. Gaizka Mendieta: When Mendieta signed for Lazio, many European clubs were following him, especially Real Madrid. Lazio used to pay him €60M, which made him the most expensive player in the history of football back in 2001.

9. Iván Helguera: After starting his career at Albacete in the Spanish Segunda División, Iván was quickly noticed by Roma and Real Madrid. However, he decided to make a move to Italy.

10. José Manuel “Pepe” Reina: Reina’s best and more regular performances came in the South of Italy with the Napoli jersey. His charisma and leadership in and out of the pitch make him a world-class goalkeeper.

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