10 best Spanish players in Serie A history

10 best Spanish players in Serie A history
10 best Spanish players in Serie A history
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These are some of the greatest Spanish players ever played in Serie A

This is not a ‘Top 10’ list but the best Spanish XI Italy could ever have in their history.

The All-Time Top 10 Spanish Players In Serie A

1. Fernando Llorente: Llorente joined Italian giants Juventus in 2013. He is currently playing for Napoli and still seems to have a lot to say in Serie A despite his 35 years of age.

2. Rafael Martín Vazquez: Martín Vázquez decided to take onto a new adventure at the peak of his career as he joined Torino in 1990. One year later, he would reach the Final of the UEFA Cup – eliminating Real Madrid in the process!

3. José Callejón: Callejón was a part of Napoli’s starting eleven for seven seasons. During that time, he managed to score 80 goals for the club.

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4. Suso: Suso had to prove himself during some loans, but Milan is where he achieved his best performance. That is also the time when he won his first cap for Spain.

5. Josep “Pep” Guardiola: Considered as one of the best coaches in the history of football, Guardiola landed in Brescia looking for a new adventure.

6. Fabián Ruiz: The first two seasons for Alberto in Napoli have made such a remarkable impact that we couldn’t leave him out. He is now a regular starter in the Spanish National Team.

7. Luis Suarez: Much before Uruguay forward Luis Suarez, there was another international football star bearing this name. Suarez was the first-ever Español to play in the Italian league. He is also the only Spanish player to have ever won the Ballon d’Or.

8. Gaizka Mendieta: When Mendieta signed for Lazio, many European clubs were following him, especially Real Madrid. Lazio used to pay him €60M, which made him the most expensive player in the history of football back in 2001.

9. Iván Helguera: After starting his career at Albacete in the Spanish Segunda División, Iván was quickly noticed by Roma and Real Madrid. However, he decided to make a move to Italy.

10. José Manuel “Pepe” Reina: Reina’s best and more regular performances came in the South of Italy with the Napoli jersey. His charisma and leadership in and out of the pitch make him a world-class goalkeeper.

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