Cristiano Ronaldo’s Favourite Opponents In UCL History

Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite opponents in UEFA Champions League history

Leo Messi has won his 7th Ballon d’Or and set an example of versatility for youngsters. Cristiano Ronaldo with five awards to his name has still not given up on his dream to finish as the player with most Ballon d’Ors.

This article will tell you about the top 10 clubs against which Cristiano Ronaldo has scored most goals. Can you guess who was the top scorer in 1996 UEFA Euro?

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Ronaldo’s Favourite Opponents

  1. Juventus – 7 games 10 goals
  2. Ajax – 7 games 9 goals
  3. Bayern Munich – 8 games 9 goals
  4. Schlake 04 – 4 games 7 goals
  5. Dortmund – 9 games 7 goals
  6. Atletico Madrid – 10 games 7 goals
  7. Malmo – 2 games 6 goals
  8. Galatasaray – 3 games 6 goals
  9. Nikosia – 4 games 6 goals
  10. Lyon – 12 games 6 goals

Juventus is the team against which the Portuguese has scored most goals in his UCL career, having scored 10 goals in just 7 games. Let us tell you he is the highest goalscorer in UCL history.

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Manchester United has finished first on the group stage points table of UEFA Champions League. I hope they get to face PSG in the round-of-16 as then we would be able to see Ronaldo and Messi together on one field.

Answer to the question above – Alan Shearer (5 goals)

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