FIFA World Cup Records – Tournament Progress

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup

Here are the records of FIFA World Cup you need to know

Which nation will lift the 2022 FIFA World Cup trophy? Fans waited for so long for the draws to be announced and the results weren’t that bad. Though it took a little long for the draw ceremony to start but they are finally here.

This article will tell you about the FIFA World Cup records.

FIFA World Cup Records

  • Most appearances in the first round – 21 (Brazil)
  • Progressed from the first round the most times – 18 (Brazil)
  • Progressed from the first round as group winners the most times – 15 (Brazil)
  • Eliminated in the first round the most times – 8 (Scotland)
  • Most appearances without elimination from the first round – 3 (Republic of Ireland)
  • Fewest appearances, reaching quarter-finals – 1 (Cuba)
  • Most appearances, without reaching semi-finals – 8 (Scotland)
  • Fewest appearances, reaching semi-finals – 2 (Turkey)
  • Most appearances, without reaching semi-finals – 16 (Mexico)
  • Fewest appearances, reaching a final – 5 (Croatia)
  • Most appearances without reaching a final – 16 (Mexico)
  • Fewest appearances, winning a title – 13 (Uruguay)
  • Most appearances without winning a title – 16 (Mexico)

According to FIFA, Brazil is the best footballing nation in the world right now. They are placed first on FIFA world rankings. Belgium and France are placed on second and third place respectively.

Portugal faced a lot of difficulties qualifying for the tournament. A certain decision was made during their game against Serbia as Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was declared null by the referee even though the ball clearly went past the line.

This will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5th FIFA World Cup and he is one of the only four players in football history to do so.

Italy won the 2020 UEFA Euro trophy but they have failed to qualify for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, reportedly to be held in October and November.