Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard – All Stats You Need To Know

Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard vs Steven Gerrard

Here is a stat comparison between Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard

Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard are two of the greatest midfielders in football history. People often compare these two legends in terms of their playmaking skills.

This article will tell you about the career statistics between Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. Can you guess which of these two has scored more Champions League goals?

Detailed Stats (Lampard/Gerrard)

Premier League

  • Appearances – 661/504
  • Goals – 177/121
  • Assists – 116/98
  • Minutes Per Goal – 276/340

UEFA Champions League

  • Appearances – 105/73
  • Goals – 23/21
  • Assists – 29/14
  • Minutes Per Goal – 375/286

National Team

  • Appearances – 106/113
  • Goals – 29/21
  • Assists – 12/23
  • Minutes Played – 7648/8623

Steven Gerrard has returned to Premier League as Aston Villa’s new manager. On the other side, Frank Lampard may also return to the same as he is in talks with Norwich. Lampard managed Chelsea in 2019/20 season but was sacked after having a bad season.

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Gerrard is however a complete opposite of his former national teammate. He won 125 games out of 193 he managed in his career with the club. Not only this, he has gone 1 season unbeaten and has won a Scottish League title.

Answer to the question above – Frank Lampard

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