Man City Could Get Relegated If Found Guilty Of FFP Charges

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Manchester City

According to the club’s former financial consultant, Manchester City will be relegated if found guilty of 115 alleged Premier League rules violations.

The Premier League charged City with the alleged violations in February last year, and the club’s hearing date has now been set.

Although Premier League chief Richard Masters was unable to specify the specific date when questioned by a Select Committee on Tuesday, he did state that the case was ‘progressing’.

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The charges stemmed from suspected violations during the 2010/11 and 2017/18 seasons. If City is found guilty, a variety of consequences are likely, including point deductions and even relegation from the top level.

Furthermore, former City financial adviser Stefan Borson outlined the potential full scope of the damage to City in a talkSPORT interview, should the entire list of charges—which you can examine here—be proven true.

He said: “The scale is on a completely different level [to Everton and Nottingham Forest].

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“There can be no question that, if these charges are proven, this will end in at least relegation. There is the suggestion of conspiracy over, effectively, a 10-year period.

“If proven, this is super serious. Nobody would argue with that. City will say, I promise you, that this is an allegation of the most serious nature.”

Borson claimed: “It seems to me to be highly unlikely that the conduct is alleged has taken place over a 10-year period with the sorts of individuals that are involved in the club and in the companies that are involved.

“It will be a very big call for any court or tribunal to suggest that this number of people have been dishonest, and perjured themselves.

“That would be a massive call for, effectively, some KC’s and maybe a former finance director of a football club, to make against not just Manchester City, but against numerous executives, against third party individuals, and against, of course, potentially senior members of foreign states.”

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