Manchester City to build new statues for these legends

Manchester City to build new statues for these legends
Sergio Aguero

Manchester City is going to build a new statues for their legends

Man City legends Vincent Kompany and David Silva have already left the club and Sergio Aguero is going to leave them this summer.

In 2019, Kompany played his last match for Manchester City after serving 11 years at the club. He is one of the most loyal player in the football history.

In 2020, David Silva left the club and was signed by his former club Real Sociedad. He was with them for 10 years and gave some magical moments to us.

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And in 2021, another legend Sergio Aguero is going to leave Man City this summer. He announced on his Instagram that he will no longer be the part of the team from this year.

So Man City decided to build the statues of Kompany, Silva and Aguero outside the Etihad Stadium (their home ground). However some fans are upset for a reason.

They think that it would have been so much better if they had done the same for Yaya Toure who was an absolute class in his prime at Man City.

He played a huge part in making Man City a modern day powerhouse. The thing is right that he made Man City a much better team when he was with them.

12 hat-tricks in PL

“He’s by far one of the best strikers Man City have ever had, scoring something like 200 goals. That’s unbelievable,” Toure told Talk Sport.

“He didn’t only do it at Man City, he’s been to Atletico, to Argentina, he started there, he scored 12 hat-tricks (in the Premier League).

“He’s up there with Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer and more and more. A big, big player. A big legend of this club.

“At the end of the day, things are coming to an end. With all his contributions to the City fans, club and to the honour, I think it’s well deserved.

“For me Aguero, everybody knows how much I love Aguero, he’s always been the best striker in Manchester City without question.”

Toure admired Aguero’s legacy and he really meant it. Aguero is really one of the greatest strikers in Premier League which make him one of the best striker in the world.

“When players get to his age, some players want to go back home, some want to finish it nicely or maybe more ambition to do something else,” the four-time African Footballer of the Year added.

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“Lots of people have been talking about Barcelona and it would be him and his best friend, Lionel Messi, to be together in the same team.

“He’s a free agent, he can go where he wants and it depends what he wants for his future. What he wants to achieve again, less or more, that’s quite tricky.”

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