Rio Ferdinand Protects His Former Teammate Following Recent Media Hate

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand protected his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo after the critics he got from the media recently

Cristiano Ronaldo has been getting an enormous amount of critics after his World Cup exit last year. Portugal lost to Morocco 1-0 in the quarter-final which ended his career’s biggest dream of winning the FIFA World Cup trophy.

After what he has done in his career, he doesn’t have anything left to prove himself not to mention he has won almost every possible major title out there in European football.

However, his haters and the media have been throwing continuous critics on him. But his former Manchester United teammate Rio Ferdinand stood against all those critics stating a debate between the American football league “MLS” and the Saudi Arabian side.

“It was great to see David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, it was great to see them go to America,’ Ferdinand told his thoughts to FIVE podcast.

“What a way to finish their careers, getting great money, going to a league that’s not as competitive, they’ve deserved that, they’ve earned the right.

“That’s all I saw in the media. But because it’s Saudi Arabia, it’s a disgrace, it’s sad. Let a man go and live, let a man go and enjoy it. It’s a new adventure. He’s taking his family to experience a new culture.”

“Every single country in the world has its issues, so America has got less issues than Saudi, have they? But it’s fine for all these players to go to America. Let’s let them go to the States and have a swansong year and just toss it off.

“I don’t like it. It stinks we’re not hearing this type of talk. It’s out of order.

“Everyone should be treated the same. Every other player that’s gone to a less competitive league to end their career has been told you’ve earned the right. No man on the planet would have earned the right more than this guy.”

Ronaldo has signed a two-year deal with the Saudi league club Al-Nassr FC and has become the highest paid footballer in football history.

He has also been given an ambassadorial role and will front Saudi Arabia’s joint bid with Egypt and Greece to land the 2030 World Cup.