South Korean Football club FC SEOUL use “SEX DOLLS” in the empty stadium

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South Korean Football club FC SEOUL use "SEX DOLLS" in the empty stadium

Sports Desk- The football tournament has been closed for a long time due to the Coronavirus epidemic. But recently the match was played at a football club in South Korea. The match between Seoul FC and Gwangju FC was played at the “FC SEOUL” Stadium. During the match at the empty stadium due to Coronavirus, ‘Sex doll‘ was used to fill seats in the spectator gallery. The organizers then paid a large price for this mistake. For this, the club has been fined a record 100 million won ($81,500).

The country’s top K-League officials said the football club has insulted female fans.

FC Seoul on Sunday held dozens of sex dolls in the spectator gallery during the match due to a ban on visitors to the stadium due to the Corona virus. These dolls were worn in t-shirts. In total, there were 30 mannequins – 28 of them female, and two of them male. Pictures of these sex dolls are becoming viral on social media. The incident brought football to shame around the world.

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Now “FC SEOUL” has apologized to its supporters for this. The club claims that they have been victims of misunderstandings and disturbances. FC Seoul said in its statement released on Instagram, “We apologize to our fans. We are very sorry.”

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