The top football games for your smartphone device right now

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Playing games on a sophisticated modern-day smartphone device is a worthwhile experience these days. In the past, there have been some lazy attempts from a variety of developers that were aiming to tempt fans of specific gaming genres, be it with sports-themed games or action releases. Thankfully, though, the all-around mobile gaming package has improved dramatically in 2022, particularly when assessing the array of football games out there. ,

Football games aren’t the only option for smartphone gamers, but they certainly provide a fun and entertaining proposition for fans of the beautiful game. However, playing alternative options appeals, such as massively successful titles like Among Us and the array of games worth sampling at online slot sites for real money, experiencing a sports-themed game is arguably more exciting as it enables fans of specific sports to play as their favourite sporting heroes and teams. For football fans, the options are comprehensive in the modern world, especially with the emergence of console-quality releases on our hugely powerful smartphone devices.

If you’re in need of a solid football-themed game or two for your smartphone device, then below is a look at some of the best options available for download. All of the options are accessible on both iOS and Android devices unless stated otherwise.

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile

The ultimate football management game, Football Manager 2022 Mobile tasks players with replicating the success of some of the world’s most famous managers through a truly authentic football gaming product. You can even take control of a minnow and look to climb the leagues, too. You’ll be in charge of signing players, selecting your coaching staff, scouting for talent, adjusting training schedules, interacting with the press, choosing your match tactics, and pretty much everything else that football management entails.

New Star Soccer

Although New Star Soccer lacks the detail and advanced graphics as many other titles featured on the list, it’s arguably one of the most entertaining games of the lot. Playing as a 16-year-old football prodigy who is aiming to make it as a professional in the game, you must guide your young prospect in the correct way in order to help him climb up the ranks. Alongside the on-pitch management aspect of the game, players also have to deal with issues off the pitch, such as sponsorship deals and even with a romantic partner.

FIFA Mobile

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One of the most impressive games you can play on a mobile phone, FIFA Mobile is the ultimate football gaming product on the market right now. With an enormous community of gamers behind it, it makes for a pleasurable gaming experience, particularly if you’re keen to go up against other players online or take down a chum. Just like the console game, players can also build a formidable squad on Ultimate Team, while also having the opportunity to embark on a journey in Career Mode.

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Soccer Stars

Offering simplistic controls and a fun all-around gaming product, Soccer Stars isn’t the most detailed of releases, but it’s an entertaining option that is capable of fighting off any boredom. Using your fingers to flick the ball right or left in order to score a goal, there are a range of competitive game modes on Soccer Stars. As well as being able to play the game offline and online, you can also battle against friends and family members in a one-on-one multiplayer match-up.

Other football games well worth downloading for your smartphone include Football Strike, Flick Kick Football, Tiki Taka Soccer, Fantasy Premier League, Soccer Royale: Clash Football, Mini Football, Top Eleven, and Football Chairman Pro.