This star player will join Chelsea, club ready to deal five billion

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This star player will join Chelsea, club ready to deal five billion

Chelsea have decided to sign their release clause of around five billion for Timo Werner

Sports Desk- The transfer of football players between the Coronavirus has not stopped. If the news is to be believed then Chelsea Football Club is going to make a big change soon. Chelsea are all set to add German striker Timo Werner to their club. Timo currently plays for Leipzig. Let us tell you that he is included in the important players of their club and in the past, he was also trying to join Liverpool.

Five billion deal will be scene

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According to reports, Chelsea have decided to sign Werner for their release clause of around five billion. The 24-year-old player’s agreement with Leipzig ends on June 15. In the current season, Leipzig has scored 31 goals. Due to this, his team has reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Werner came to Leipzig in 2016 from Stuttgart. If he becomes part of Chelsea, he will face Tammy Abraham and Olivir Jiru to replace the striker.

Hakim Geek also joined Chelsea

Earlier, Chelsea had included AJAX star player Hakim Ziyek in the club. For Hakim, there has been a deal of $ 37 million, which is about two billion between the two clubs. Gyek will become part of Chelsea from July 1 despite the Corona virus. It is being said that some important changes can be made this year regarding the transfer window, but Zeek has clearly stated that he will join Chelsea from July 1.

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English Premier League will start from 17 June

In the remaining seasons of the English Premier League (EPL), teams will now be able to replace 5 players in every match instead of three. This decision was taken in a meeting held in the presence of all the parties on Thursday. The league had to be halted on 13 March due to Corona. Now it is expected to start 95 days later from June 17.

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